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I once heard about a friend of a friend (etc?) whose job it was to predict and talk about colour trends. As in, companies would consult with her about what colours to make their new line of clothing, cookware, luxury condos, whatever.

Sounds like one of the best jobs ever, right?

If you just said "Right!" or "Hell ya!" in your head (or out loud), then before you rush off to google "how to become a colour consultant" (ahem), check out these sites for the similarly colour-mad...

Wear Palettes uses photos from the ever-great style-spotting Sartorialist and extrapolates the colours used in the outfits. It's kinda like showing which brightly-coloured lego blocks were used to make up that totally rad castle you built.

Kris's Color Stripes is another blog with that also uses colour bars. The blog's not entirely about colour, but Kris keeps a colour diary that highlights the beautiful palettes found in photographs. Separating the colours like this really makes you notice the beautiful parts that make up the whole as well as how they interact with each other.

COLOURlovers is a community site that brings together, um, colour lovers, to talk about colours and palettes. It's a great resource to check out colour trends and just to get inspired.

All these sites are ripe with inspiration if you're planning on a little home makeover, or even just to help you get dressed with a lil' more sass in the morning.

Think of them as the next generation of those paint swatches you pick up at the hardware store.

Also related: Big Huge Labs' Palette Generator.

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