these days of converse

I think my feet are trying to tell me something.

I've come across not one... not two... not three... but FOUR (!!!!) sightings of Converse shoes in the past couple of days. Four Converse sightings that've made me stop and say yay.

1. Nina Braun's knitted sneakers. I love how specific they all are: particular styles and brands. She even sewed a pair of baby Nike sneaks!

2. Vichi in Buenos Aires has been staying up late at night to set hightops on fire.

A few other pairs got torched, too.

3. Swedish artist Camilla Engman's design was chosen for the Converse (RED) program. So not only can your feet be super styley, they'll also be making a donation towards helping to reduce the effects of AIDS in Africa.

4. And yesterday morning on my way to work, I spied a bunch of shoes thrown over a telephone wire... painted pink with white polka dots!

So are these converse omens? Can a shoe store be in my future? Hmmm.

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