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I made eggplant involtini for dinner tonight. It was delicious - can't really go wrong with eggplant baked with so much cheese!!!

But I'm not sure that this was part of the recipe...

Lindsay  – (February 07, 2008)  

Did I really tell you about this, or only plan to and not follow through? I my mind, my email goes, "Siobhan, if I was having you over for dinner, I would make this" followed by the link to that dish!

Either I am very forgetful or you are psychic. Still! Glad you ate it. Wish I'd been there to help.

Siobhan  – (February 07, 2008)  

Linds - We are psychic! Proof!

I saw the recipe, had some feta left over, and was on Granville Island (ie close to the market)... so it all fell into place. I have SO much leftover!

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