save pancake tuesday!

Bah, forget Super Tuesday. It's time to focus on more important things. Today is Pancake Tuesday.

Accordin to a poll reported in The Guardian, this most worthy holiday is at risk of dying out.

With Shrove Tuesday tomorrow, only one in five Britons questioned in late January knew the day was looming and only 27% of households plan to make pancakes.

The poll shows more than two-thirds said they would either ignore the tradition or make only a half-hearted effort to mark the occasion.

I appreciate the indignation expressed in The Guardian's headline: "Flippin' heck"! Allowing our only breakfast-food-heralding holiday to simply fade away is such a shame.

Of course, it's not all doom and gloom. Another story on the Guardian's site chooses to regard a 27% pancake-participation rate as proof that the tradition lives on.

So whether you choose to see the syrup bottle as half-empty or half-full, I say it's time to get out your skillets and start flipping.

For inspiration, here's a little pancake-making stop animation / recipe.

(P.S. I took the photo above at Sears Fine Food in San Francisco. As their sign proudly states, Sears is "WORLD FAMOUS FOR LITTLE PANCAKES". Little pancakes! Not many places can boast that. Delish.)

Anonymous –   – (February 07, 2008)  

No one here in Arizona knows about Pancake Day so I was pleased when I found you, I actually did remember this year and posted it on my brand new blog, Yeeeaaahhh Pancakes !!!!

Alice  – (February 14, 2008)  

It's true that it's dying out!!! Ben and I were teaching Sunday School last week and we were trying to get the children to figure out what lent was all about. We started by asking what people ate on Tuesday and no matter how many hints we gave, they had no idea what we were talking about!! This is SUNDAY SCHOOL (i.e., a CHRISTIAN children's group) and they didn't know what it was all about!!!
We did out duty of explaining it to them and, of course, we enjoyed our crepes with sugar and lemon juice.

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