the air bear

My favourite kind of street art makes me stop and smile.

It's beautiful, playful, interesting and smart (heh, that sounds like my criteria for a date, too!). It makes clever use of urban space; it really makes you take notice not only of what'd been added (the art) but also what was already there (the space itself). When these two things happen, it's magic.

A brilliant example of this was posted on the ever-awesome Wooster Collective the other day: Joshua Allen Harris makes fantastic inflatable sculptures from old plastic bags, then ties them to grates on the sidewalk. When the subway passes by underneath, the air rises up through the grate and the sculptures come to life.

Here are some videos of the sculptures in action:

The Air Bear

The little bear (or dog?) looks so happy when he's up... then everytime he lies down again, I can't help thinking awww...

The Air Zoo

These little guys must hang out with the Muppets.

So, so wonderful.

serahmarie –   – (March 31, 2008)  

this is nothing less that brillant. thank you for sharing!

Michele  – (April 06, 2008)  

That's probably one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing!

Annie  – (April 08, 2008)  

indeed, who needs a date after watching that ;)

Annie  – (April 08, 2008)  

okay, now that I have gmail, finally my comments work: beware!

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