a look inside a letterpress shop

Letterpress is one of the craftforms that I love, but will probably never do. It's a little mystical and magical to me, because it uses huge machines and lots of supplies - all those beautiful little letterforms! It's a little like Mr Wonka's chocolate factory - how do they make all those delicious chocolates when no workers go in or out of the factory? Magic, right?

Ah, well thanks to Hatch Show Print, you can see the Oompa-Loompas of Letterpress. So to speak. In other words, it's a great intro and tour of their letterpress operations.

If you want to read more about Hatch Show Print, Uppercase ran a nice article about them a couple of years ago. Also check out Hatch Show Print's website for a 360 degree tour of their studio. Get ready to be jealous.

(Video via I Love Typography.)

pamela  – (March 11, 2008)  

wow that was waaay cool! thx for posting it. I've always wondered about letterpress.

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