camilla and karin

For weeks I've been watching with anticipation and delight as Swedish illustrator Camilla Engman has revealed sneak peaks of her recent work collaborating with ceramic designer Karin Eriksson.





Now their beautiful work will be in a show, Camilla Engman and Karin Eriksson presents: Mr Black & Mme Ochre.... disappointingly far away in Sweden.

Their collaboration is such a perfect combination of these artists' talents. It's probably a good thing Sweden is so far away otherwise I'd have to buy a whole lot of pottery.

See more photos in Karin and Camilla's flickr sets.

Another thing that's very cool about this collab is that Camilla and Karin met through their blogs. Speaking of which, both Camilla's and Karin's blogs are both well worth a read.

smulan  – (May 02, 2008)  

ace pottery, i know sweden really well and i reckon if i wish hard enough the trolls will send me some

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