embroidery rocks

Embroidery rocks. For proof, witness Architecture in Helsinki's video for "Like It Or Not".

According to the credits page, the video was made by Mathematics, but the artwork looks to me to be the fine stitchin' of Megan Whitmarsh (aka Tiny Industries), who is well-known for her mini embroideries of such natural wonders as yeti and rockstars.

Fecal Face has posted a nice interview with Megan, along with lots more great images of her work.

I am inspired by a desire to be optimistic about the future of humanity. I like to combine the everyday and the junky parts of modern life with the iconography of the supernatural and fantastic and thus transform the mundane into something magical feeling

My favourite part of the video is probably the head-boppin' guy in an orange jumpsuit in the floating pirate ship... who seems to be the pyrotechnician from this other Architecture In Helsinki video!

(via Music Under Fire)

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