an evening at emily carr

The Emily Carr grad show was a good one this year.

Here were a few of my faves from the show...

Jennifer McGregor - House and Favorable Company
If you live in Vancouver, this one should resonate with you - and make you laugh. "Classic" Vancouver houses are photographed alongside matching desserts: a pink and white stucco house with a trifle, a yellow thatched roof house with a nanaimo bar, and so on.

Claire Henry
I love Claire's pottery. These little dioramas are filled with patterns, owls, miniature vases and other treasures.

Nicole Leong
These dragons are busting out of their teapots. To make them even better, Nicole planted them in shops in Chinatown to observe them in their natural habitat.

Lauren Mycroft - The meaning gets lost somewhere between you and me
Lauren embroidered spam and parts of emails onto dozens of sheets of crumpled paper, with threads and words hanging loose and tangled all over the place. People couldn't help but get up close and try read the mysterious messages.

Alana Kyle - The same, but not
Details! Details! And patience! Hundreds and hundreds of girls in striped shirts - the ultimate "spot the differences" game.

Sally Hutcheon - Braids and Bangs
I love the texture and patterns of these drawings. Elegant and beautiful and a little odd, too; always a nice combination.

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