project: autobiography

Remember what it was like when you were kid? Remember what you were like? How've you changed since then?

Here are two projects that'll make you take a look back through your scrapbooks with a fresh eye...

Project 1: Draw yourself as a teen.

Pictured above is one by Robot Johnny. It's a fun meme; you should play, too. Here's my sketch:

Project 2: YoungMe NowMe asked people to recreate a photograph of themselves as a kid.

Some of these are downright hilarious, some are a little creepy. This challenge from Colorwars is closed now, but I know exactly which photo I would've recreated if I were to enter one... hmm...

burrito  – (May 09, 2008)  

That is so interesting! I'm so glad you linked to this... it's fascinating! I love how some people recreated photos with siblings/parents, so awesome!

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