seeking mango perfection

I love mangoes. I adore them. But ever since I left Montreal and the best little corner fruit store in the world, where they stocked precut mangoes (which were also the tastiest, ripest mangoes I've ever had), I've felt that every one I've had has been less than a perfect experience.

Let's use the internet to help fix that, shall we?

1) How to pick a good/ripe mango.

Advice from one, two, three.

2) How to properly cut a mango.

This is too good to be true. There's no way it can be that easy! That has to be cheating. (By the way, this thing just looks scary.)

If you would prefer not to cheat by attempting to master the mad knife skillz needed to actually cut a mango, then good for you. Far more impressive.

Here's a step by step to guide you through the whole process, beginning to end.

Hm, I'm hungry.

Anonymous –   – (May 07, 2008)  

I'm with you on the mango madness. Last summer I can't tell you the amount of bad mangos we had. Either rotten inside, or they had no taste. The asian markets usually have the best selection. Have you ever tried the all yellow, more slender mango. So yummy!

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