how to turn a stack of lumber into a home

I think this is pretty awesome.

Sou Fujimoto Architects' Next Generation House is a 4 x 4 meter cube of solid Japanese cedar blocks assembled like a jigsaw puzzle to create surprisingly large spaces for sitting and lounging.

With all those little nooks and platforms, it reminds me of the kind of playhouse that you dream of as a kid.

(It also reminds me of the book House of Leaves, in which a couple moves into a spooky house that's bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Obviously his doesn't have that creepy overtone, but it looks like there really shouldn't be that much light and space inside what, from the outside, essentially looks like a stack of lumber.)

Read more about the mini-house on Abitare and Apt Therapy LA, where they also have a slideshow.

What do you think? Cool or claustrophobic?

Annie  – (August 28, 2008)  

That reminds me of Cascada Verde in Uvita with all the wood and natural light. I still dream of that place and I think I could totally live in a space like that...

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