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Tomorrow's the day: back to school.

Even if you're done with your edumacation, the day probably still resonates with you. Does it fill you with dread? Or sadness that the summer's over? Or are you excited, ready with your best outfit and your shiny new school supplies?

I bet Calgary's Uppercase Gallery is in the latter camp.

Their current exhibit, Old School will probably make you into a keener, too.

The "Old School" theme will celebrate the aesthetics of twentieth century education through an art exhibition and companion book, as well as curated objects. It is inspired by vintage flash cards, old desks, biology class, science fairs, crayons, card catalogs, textbooks, class photos, teachers, yearbooks, lunchboxes, gym class, maps, lockers, report cards, film strips, recess, spelling, chalk... and the list goes on!

In addition to drawing, painting and collage, we will be exploring old school technology such as typewriters, mimeographs, photocopying, film projections and polaroid, toy camera, and Holga photography.

Uppercase has curated an long, impressive and inspiring list of artists to contribute to the project, including some of my faves: Frank Chimero, Julia Rothman, Lisa Congdon, Ray Fenwick, Sandra Juto, Something's Hiding in Here... Just exploring some of the links in that participants' list will keep you busy for a long, long, time.

Uppercase is also running some fun events, such as silhouette workshops and spelling bees. Get the full schedule as a PDF.

Now here's your homework:
Read the details and see a list of participants.
View the gallery of artwork.
Shop for stylin school supplies and buy the book.
Study photos of Old School here and on flickr.
Read the Uppercase Gallery blog.

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