cheeseburgers cheeseburgers cheeseburgers

So, I've been having these cravings for cheeseburgers lately. And not a really good, well-made cheeseburger, but one of those fast food cheeseburgers, which are pretty much just made out of sawdust and other unpleasant things I'd rather not think about. Yes, I've read Fast Food Nation. And I really don't eat a lot of meat, nor fast food, so it's weird.

Anyway. With this weird craving in the back of my mind, I just coincidentally came across the MOST AWESOME of cheeseburger photography, and I totally burst out laughing.

Look at the expression on that little guy! Hee!

The series is by William Hundley. The chihuahua on cheeseburgers is by far my favourite, but there's a whole bunch of other rad photos here and here.

In other cheeseburger-related news (what can I say, this is the week for cheeseburgers), check out the cheeseburger bed and, of course, I Can Has Cheezburger. Yes!

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