bread for lazy people who want to drink beer while baking

I think "MAKE BREAD" has been on my Project List for years now. I know it's made it onto the New Year's Resolution List at least twice now in a desperate (yet futile) attempt to get myself motivated.

But there's something about making bread that presents a big mental hurdle for me. I keep thinking that it will take suuuuuch a loooooong tiiiiiime, what with all the kneading and rising and waiting... This is likely not actually how bread-making is at all, but it's the rationale (read: excuse) I give myself whenever I consider the endeavor.

So, you can only imagine how pleased I was when I discovered that there's such a thing as BREAD FOR LAZY PEOPLE. What's more, there's BREAD FOR LAZY PEOPLE WHO WANT TO DRINK BEER WHILE BAKING.


OK, fine, it's not really called "BREAD FOR LAZY PEOPLE", but you DO get to drink beer while baking. This miracle of modern science is Beer Bread.

I followed this recipe from Poor Girl Gourmet. It takes literally about 5 minutes to throw the ingredients together and dump them into a baking pan. Then you pop the whole thing into the oven, sit back for 30 minutes, sipping on a cold one.

Your efforts (or lack thereof) will be rewarded with some pretty tasty bread. I ate mine with some veggie pate, which I had time to whip up while the bread was a-bakin'.

Unknown  – (April 07, 2009)  

Hi Siobhan,
I am so glad I could be of assistance! I do love this bread - and veggie pate sounds like a PERFECT accompaniment!
Take care,

birthright midwife  – (April 08, 2009)  

You inspired me to make this bread last night. It was delicious. I used a really dark beer and put the walnuts in like the link recipe suggested. I just got back from the store with a triple cream cheese to have with the bread for lunch tomorrow. thanks.

Annie D  – (April 27, 2009)  

My grandfather made beer bread once when I was a kid. I remember thinking beer and bread did not seem like a combination, but it seemed slightly illicit. I'll have to try it sometime.

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