Beyond Green Eggs and Ham

It's wet and dreary here in Vancouver... Luckily, there are still some rainbows...

The Globe and Mail has a fun article today about the trend (at least online) of multi-coloured rainbow food.

Rainbow food is the latest experiment by those looking to inject playful pizzazz to their plates. Using bright new food colouring gels and dusting the cobwebs off old colouring kits, professional and home cooks alike are using dyes unsparingly to turn everyday edibles into eye-popping creations that make Lucky Charms literally pale in comparison.

Maybe a few too many chemical additives for my taste, but these rainbow treats sure do look fun.

Kirsten Chursinoff  – (June 03, 2010)  

These colourful pancakes are reminding me that I want to make a series of stitched food. Colourful fruit and veggies in little vignette scenes. The food colouring here reminds me of the vibrancy of fabric dye.

Siobhan  – (June 04, 2010)  

That could be a fun series! Especially now that the farmers markets are starting... I vote for an heirloom tomato series! Lots of amazing colours there.

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