Miranda July's "Eleven Heavy Things"

"We’re just hugging for the picture.
When we’re done I’ll walk away quickly.
It's almost over."
I'm loving Miranda July's new art installation in NYC's Union Square.

The collection is called "Eleven Heavy Things" and consists of empty pedestals with just a few handwritten words. Alone they don't make much sense, but once they draw people in, it's a whole other story. The pieces invite you to interact with them - standing on top or sticking your head or a limb into a hole or nook - and then they really come to life.

Like a lot of her other works, these pieces are a balance between humour and something a little more serious and melancholy.

"What I look like when I'm lying."

You can see a lot more photos that people have posted on Flickr tagged with "Eleven Heavy Things".

Read more about "Eleven Heavy Things" on Flavorwire and an interview with Miranda July about the project on ArtInfo.

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