Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Scoutie Girl recently posted a concise but thoughtful piece that definitely strikes a chord with me.

She writes about our society's disposable culture, and how the choices you make, even (or especially?) as a consumer, not only reflect your values, but contribute to community, culture and self.

Deciding we’re going to commit to spending money on an art class or music lesson, a vine-ripened tomato picked from the farm in the next town over, a professional to service our business, or a piece of handmade clothing is not so much a commitment of money, it’s a commitment to yourself and to the rebuilding of our culture. It’s choice to consume something of real value that nurtures others as much as it nurtures you.
Imagine if everyone operated this way... Imagine the positive effect that would have on artists, crafters, local businesses, farmer's markets.. Also imagine the impact on the environment from buying fewer disposable goods that use up energy and resources, just to end up landfill... Of course there's always the balance (or juggling) of income versus spending, but I think if this kind of thought-process became commonplace in our society at large could make a huge impact in many areas.

Read the whole post on ScoutieGirl.com.

Also worth a read -- and some thought! -- is her piece on "mindful spending":
Mindful spending is a way of treating yourself, your community, and your money with respect.

Mindful spending begs you to consider each dollar you spend an extension of your personal values, creating an individual economy that centers on what you love and not what society tells you you have to have. It means choosing not to spend money at all sometimes, choosing to spend more on high-quality, well-crafted items that support your community, and choosing to spend less on items that commercialism has put an unnecessary price tag on.
 Read the more here -- also with links to other related posts.

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