The World Cup... with Crayons!

Soccer fans, get ready to freak out, just a little.

Look at these amazing sculptures of soccer players.... made from crayons!

The pieces were created by artist Diem Chau - who you may know for her lovely work combining ceramics and embroidery.

She carved a whopping 66 crayons for this year's Nike World Cup press kits, on a commission from Wieden + Kennedy - the same ad agency that created this year's epic Nike World Cup ad.

Each kit contains 6 crayon sculptures of soccer players: Fabio Cannavaro in Antique Brass, Didier Drogba in Copper, Franck Ribery in Gold, Robinho in Silver, Cristiano Ronaldo in White, and Wanye Rooney in a colour called Timberwolf.

Check out more photos of the sculptures on Diem Chau's blog, The Pleasure of Tiny Things. (She also does supercute crayon sculptures that don't involve soccer!)

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