Craft Rock Friday with The Avett Brothers

The video for The Avett Brothers' song, "Head Full of Doubt / Road Fill of Promise" is fascinating.

Painted by hand by Jason Ryan Mitcham, the video is a single painting... which Mitcham altered 2600 times. To create 1 second of film, he had to alter the painting 10 times.

There's a "making of" video, but it won't play here in Canada. Gah. The link should be in the "related links" at the end of this video though, for those of you Stateside.

Anonymous –   – (December 20, 2010)  

Wow!! That is an amazing video! I loved every single frame - would love anyone of them as a painting on my wall! Thanks for that. Happy Holidays to you.

Kate in vancouver

Erika –   – (December 21, 2010)  

An amazing band and video! Thanks!

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