Craft Rock Friday with Kina Grannis

Craft Rock Friday is still on a sugar high from Halloween. This video for Kina Grannis' song, "In Your Arms" should take care of all our candy cravings... considering it's covered in jellybeans. 288,000 jellybeans, to be exact.

The style of stop motion animation reminds me a little of the popular Oren Lavie video. But with more candy, of course.

Also check out the "behind the scenes" video. Seriously, that is a crazy number of jellybeans, a ton of jellybean mosaics and an INSANE amount of work.

P.S. Speaking of Halloween candy, also check out Jimmy Kimmel's challenge to parents: tell your kids you ate all their Halloween candy.

(Thanks for the link, Linds!)

Alice  – (November 18, 2011)  

I was also thinking of the Oren Lavie videos when I watched this.

Alice  – (November 18, 2011)  

Just watched the "Making of" video. Wow! Incredible! What dedication.

Also, Ben and I have enjoyed the Jimmy Kimmel video as well. Our favourite part is a the end with the brothers when the older brother tells the younger one that he was so close when he thought 4 + 4 was 5. :) Not to mention the "you sneaky Mom" comment! :D

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