So there's this improv game called "Pimp My Scene." It goes like this: two improvisers are brought up and each (while the other has his or her ears blocked) gets a goal from the audience - something he or she must make the other improviser do in order to win. The improvisers playing don't want to lose, so you've gotta be sneaky about it. It's fun for the audience, because they know what each player's goal is, but the improvisers don't - it's neat to watch them figure it out.

Anyway, there's nothing sneaky or subtle about Pimp My Snack. It's all about "bigger is better" - all submissions are homemade giant versions of small things.

Behold, exhibits A through D: giant sushi, giant jam roll, giant wagon wheel. and giant hamburger.

I'm at once grossed out and amazed by these. Can you imagine trying to ingest some of these things? It would take an army. But at the same time, what a hilarious potluck/party you could have if everyone brought giant food. I've heard of the opposite before, a tiny food party, where you pretend your guests are all giants, but not this. This is definitely an event for hungry people.

Jumbo Samurai –   – (April 27, 2006)  

Dassa a bigga sushi!

*ellie*  – (April 27, 2006)  

lindsay has a blog? how did i not know?? who's the sneaky one now! *shifty eyes*

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