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There's an interesting article in today's Tyee about fabric and the environment. They cover everything from the small (the preciousness of individual handmade pieces) to the expanding (the increased use of alternative-fibre fabrics like those made from bamboo or soy) to the mega-huge (NYC fashion shows are featuring sustainable fabrics and even Wal-mart is starting to sell (and radpidly sell out of) organic cotton yoga wear). Hopefully the latter will drive down the cost of alternative-fibre fabrics for general consumers; as it stands these fabrics and clothes are still priced way out of my range.

In completely unrelated but amusing fashion news, John Malkovich ran a fashion show where, instead of using models prancing down a catwalk, he got 20 Judo fighters beat each other up while wearing his designs. You can watch the trailer for the documentary about this event here.

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