guerilla gardening

Mystery solved!

So, remember how I was raving about the mini-garden that appeared out of nowhere, followed by a crop circle?

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I discovered another instance of unexpected gardening...

Move in closer...

It was a bright, happy row of tulips growing in a vacant lot between two buildings in downtown Vancouver!

Just yesterday, I came across the answer to these random acts of flower power. It turns out there's a group of so-called guerilla gardeners bent on planting in unexpected spots in Vancouver. Who are these people? Well, I'm still not quite sure, but the CBC was kind enough to capture them on video.

Watch the mini documentary on the Vancouver guerilla gardeners here. (Scroll down to the film marked "05/18 Guerilla Growers".)

I really hope the crop circle near my bus stop turns out to be a flower donut.

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