i dream of craft rooms

Get ready to be jealous.

Posy Gets Cozy recently revamped her craft studio - and it's stunning. She's done an amazing job at making it a beautiful, peaceful space that's still crammed with supplies and different work stations. See more photos of the room here.

For more craft room makeovers, check out the pics in the Craft Rooms Flickr group.

One day I will actually have a room like this... It would be so great to just have all your supplies out and ready to go. I mean, my craft closet is awesome, but I think I'd get a lot more stuff done if I didn't have to take things out of boxes, move away whatever's on my desk, and put everything away afterwards each time I did a project. But my laziness aside, it would also be fantastic to have a room with such an inspirational atmosphere that just says "CREATE!" every time you walk in.

mo  – (May 29, 2006)  

Ooooo I covet that craft room too! There are a lot of great ideas in there. I also love that pencil roll- its on my to do list also though I just have to find my big box of pencils I stashed somewhere.

andrea –   – (May 30, 2006)  

just discovered your blog link from thimble.ca.......this one is going straight to the favorites!!!

magpie & cake  – (May 30, 2006)  

I love the colour of those walls... robin's egg blue with just a hint of green to make it aqua-ish... sweet.

djbebe  – (June 06, 2006)  

I've just moved house and need to re-fashion my sewing room. It won't be as spacious as this one - but it gives me some good ideas!

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