Popgadget is "a lifestyle magazine that embraces technology as a regular and essential part of women's lives," and attempts to fill the void between women and technology in publishing, claiming the two are normally mutually exclusive. They cover a range of item categories from wearables to eco/green, and come up with some neat things. For instance, I found:

Self-watering flower pots from Sprout Home

Bubble Chairs from Plush Pod
(I've always wanted one of these... I imagine they're so comfortable, especially hanging like these are.)

Avocado Slicer & Pitter at Williams-Sonoma
(Avocados are #1 on my "20 Healthiest Foods" list, but seem a little tough to cut & pit. No more!)

Cable Organizers, via VisualGram in Hong Kong.
(Sorry, no picture - but they're super cute little animal guys win bright colours. Check the website! And while you're there, there's also a selection of cute lamps for kids' rooms.)

A lot of the stuff they point to or recommend is neat, but there's some bizarre & pointless stuff, too. Since people are freaks about their pets, for the most part, the Pet Gear section is predictably weird. (Case in point: the pet dryer. It looks like a freakin' microwave!) Most of all, it seems to be a site for people with plenty of disposable income - but still fun to look through.

Alice  – (May 21, 2006)  

Those self-watering plant pots sound useful, although I don't water my plants more than once a week already, and they haven't died yet, so I'm not if they really would make that much of a difference...
BTW, the visualgram link doesn't work.

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