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Artist Damien Hirst, who is best known for works like exhibiting an 18-foot long tiger shark in tank of formaldehyde, is out to create a really expensive piece of art. Make that the most expensive.

Hirst plans to make a life-size human skull cast in platinum and encased entirely in diamonds. It will take 8,500 diamonds in all, and will cost between £8m and £10m.

From the Guardian article:

Creating the world's most expensive work of art, he says, 'will be a lot less stressful than putting a bloody great shark in a tank of formaldehyde'. Nevertheless, even by his ambitious standards, the diamond-encrusted skull, entitled 'For the Love of God', is a risky undertaking. The cost of making it will inevitably be reflected in the selling price, which could be up to £50m.

Read the full story here.

Someone should just tell this guy about the Bedazzler. He could sure save a wad of cash.

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