but will that screenshot match my couch?

Digital painting takes on a whole new meaning with artists moving the screen onto canvas.

French artist Valery Grancher reproduces screenshots of websites in watercolour. His paintings cover many sites like Yahoo! and Hotmail, plus a whole series on the many faces of Google.

In a similar vein, Indianapolis-based Gautam Rao makes oil paintings of Mac OSX interfaces, blogger password protection keywords and more.

It's interesting that both painters have a fairly naive/interpretive style, rather than a realistic one. I wonder how "realistic" the painting style could be for these kinds of works before it loses the point of the art. I mean, if you did a vector-based, digitally created rendition of a computer screen, could anyone tell the difference between the artwork and the real thing? Though that would be an interesting experiment and statement in itself... hmm...

(Links via Drawn!)

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