vancouver store opening today

There'a a new crafty store opening in Vancouver's gastown today: Gilbert & Gilbert. (Great name - though awfully close to Bristish artists Gilbert & George. I wonder if that's intentional?)

If you're in town, check out the festivities. Looks like fun - and a cute store, too. On their site, they say they'll be selling clothes, buttons, books and zines - open only on Saturdays. Here's the pitch:

Gilbert & Gilbert
a new shop in Gastown
open every Saturday 11-7
305 Cambie at Cordova

come by for drinks, DJs and THE WEATHER! (at 3PM)

Those embattled Scott sisters, Alanna & Lauren have decided to go into
business together. Well, not 'business' exactly: every Saturday they will open their studio to the public as Gilbert & Gilbert. This 'shop' will feature a variety of creations by the duo, many of them hand printed or hand sewn, some conceptual and others not, but all things they hope you'll want to put on your self, in your home, or in your hands. The pair's work, while primarily created individually and of different impulses, draws from similar aesthetic territory. Their vast collection of shared experiences, from occupying a common womb to attending the same art school, influence their work in different ways, while ultimately tying them together in others. Strong enough to stand on its own, the sisters' individual work compliments each other side by side in the shop. They can be found at 305 Cambie St., second floor, otherwise known as the corner of Cambie & Cordova, from 11am to 7pm every Saturday. Tell your friends!

Lindsay  – (July 22, 2006)  

Have you ever noticed how much an ampersand looks like a person sitting down with their knees up?

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