i'm coming home, via chicago

It's not like I've ever been there, but Wilco (whom I adore) and flavorpill sure make Chicago seem like a darn fab place. Here are a few crafty goings-on in the windy city this month:

Stephanie Dotson has an installation on now at the Three Walls Gallery called Spool. She makes big, fantastic, layered, swirly, drippy montages with paper and vinyl and felt and vellum and silkscreening and paint and macramé and more. The results are gorgeous. (The drawings and other works on her site are also awesome and well worth a look.)

Ben Potter has an exhibit on at the NavtaSchulz Gallery. For his show, Kindling, he uses blue plastic bags to create images from nature, done in a style that reminds me of Chinese paper cuts.

The Skestos Gabriele Gallery is celebrating its first anniversary with a collection of works made on - or out of - paper. My favourite in the show is Chris Natrop, who makes gigantic hanging paper cuts that are simply stunning. (You must absolutely check out Chris Natrop's site, where I spent a great deal of time umming and awwing about which images to highlight in this post.) Also appealing is the work of Shinique Smith, who makes collage looks good. (I have many resolved, vaguely squeamish feelings about collage in general. What can I say? Bed skirts and table lamps are also on that list. Strange but true.)

So, if you can, go go to Chicago. And let me know how it is.

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