spruce up! part 2!

My second wood painting project in as many weeks is finished! (Here's last week's.) I was originally thinking of painting a pattern on the table, but after much deliberation I decided against it. Too many ideas - and not one that stood out as "Yes! That's an image I want to see everyday!" (Also the reason why I'll probably never get tattooed.)

It super easy and fast, considering there are three coats of varnish on top of the stain. I'm happy with the stain colour - Varathane in "Traditional Pecan" - not to be confused with that "Punk Pecan". It had to be dark enough to cover the curry and turmeric stains that were impossible to wash off the table.

I think I've painted eveything wooden in the house now. I should stop. (For now.)


...and after!

It looks like a happy table, don't you think?

magpie & cake  – (August 17, 2006)  

That colour is perfect - and look, Basil loves it! Now the chairs look like they want some attention, though....

magpie & cake  – (August 17, 2006)  

The chairs are actually varnished (they came that way). They look unfinished here, but they're much more shiny and smooth in person.


Alice  – (August 19, 2006)  

I was thinking the same thing!
Beauiful, Sio!

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