magpie and cake eats up the art world

It's true. Magpie and Cake is now immortalized in art.

Look at the fantastic painting that my fantastic brother painted for me for my birthday! Thanks, T and N!

It's based on a painting called "Magpie Eating Cake" by Rubens Peale (1865). Those 19th century American painters sure are a funny bunch.

Sandie  – (September 12, 2006)  

Nice! I'd love someone to paint me something on my birthday!
Happy birthday by the way =)

magpie & cake  – (September 12, 2006)  

Whoa, that's great! Did you know anything about the original painting before we named the site?

Siobhan  – (September 12, 2006)  

No - I found the painting after I thought of the name. I came across the painting when I did a Google search for "magpie and cake" after we'd started the site.

Alice  – (September 18, 2006)  

That's great! What a nice idea! The cake makes me think of brie cheese, so maybe Tristy's new painting could be called, Magpie enjoying Brie! :)

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