on my way (to the craft fair)

So things are going pretty well on my journey towards having my first craft fair table. I may have a little spent too much time planning, as I now have to kick it into high gear if I'm going to have enough quantity to fill a table.

My progress so far:

  • Lots of ideas + sketches
  • Two paper models to test patterns (plush pigeon + plush dog)
  • Three partially completed fabric prototypes (plush pigeon + plush snail + embroidered teacozy)
  • Two completed fabric prototype (plush sewing machine + tie cat)

Here's the cat I made from an old tie. I'm very happy with him, and will definitely be heading back to the thrift store to scoop up some some ties this weekend.


Lindsay  – (September 09, 2006)  

Oh, that tie cat is great! I love how the tag fits just so on him - it really has the feeling that you made something the perfect size with the perfect amount of material... and it's wearing a tie, to boot! Well thought out.

Alice  – (September 09, 2006)  

I agree! It's gorgeous! I bet those will go like wild cats...or at least like tie cats! :)

Tanya  – (September 09, 2006)  

I love the tie cat! I'm actually preparing for my very first craft fair next weekend too. I gotta get busy - lots of ideas but not enough product has been made! Good Luck with yours.

ZIGGY  – (September 09, 2006)  

I love it. How can I buy one?

lucy  – (September 10, 2006)  

i looove your tie cat! that's such a great idea! if you're interested, i have oodles of vintage ties that i could send you to make more. some of them are beyond tacky, but i think would make perfect kitties.

magpie & cake  – (September 10, 2006)  

Hey everyone - thanks for the comments on the tie cat. I'm very happy to hear he has some fans.

Alice - thanks! And you're not alergic to these cats!

Tanya - thanks! Good luck with your preparations. It's amazing how BIG a table starts to look when you're trying to fill it!

Ziggy - I'll be selling them at the Craftynest bazaar in Vancouver (Oct 21). I may start an Etsy shop after that. I'll keep you posted.

Lucy - that's very sweet of you - are you sure though? I could send you something in exchange... what Vancouver cravings do you have?

lucy  – (September 12, 2006)  

i've had these ties for years (since high school even) and have done nothing with them. i still have no ideas. so i'd rather them be put to good use.

what vancouver cravings do i have? a vacation there! but since that a little too much to ask for, how about trading for a tie kitty? maybe? snail mail me your address, and i'll try to ship them out to you this weekend: mellora at eastlink dot ca

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