What You Can Be For Hallowe'en: Sixteen

Well, I never would have thought of this. Tongue in cheek fun courtesy of Costume Idea #16: The trophy wife! So crazy. (See here and here.) Another one for those who like to look good on Hallowe'en: get dolled up like a rich lady, stick an ornate piece of wood (for mounting*) around your neck, add a pseudo Latin name for yourself, and you're off!

Costume could be extended/altered to be the mounted head of just about anything... a monster, a chipmunk, the Jabberwoky, whatever. That could be neat.

Siobhan  – (October 16, 2006)  

This cracks me up. I want to go as a deer. Oh - or a unicorn. The Last Unicorn?

Lindsay  – (October 16, 2006)  

That's how you can incorporate the unicorn costume! That would be funny. And awesome.

Gwen –   – (October 16, 2006)  

"an ornate piece of wood for mounting"? - DIRTY!

p.s. the unicorn idea is brilliant and very funny

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