What You Can Be For Hallowe'en: Twenty-Five

Despite all these ideas we're posting about What You Can Be For Hallowe'en, I am still at a loss about What To Be For Hallowe'en. I keep thinking that I'll have that lightbulb moment, and I'll just know. S0 far, nothing, and Hallowe'en is less than a week away - less if you count the Hallwe'en parties this weekend! Eeeek!

If I still can't decide by Friday, I may end up pulling together a lame last-minute costume ... but maybe it's possible to do lame in style? Costume Idea #25 is a last-minute vampire. Take a white plastic fork, snap, snap, and voila, you're Dracula!

The Swiss Atelier V site also has tons of funny ideas of how to find new uses for everyday objects - like using Lego as dominoes and using a paintbrush as a doorstop.

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