What You Can Be For Hallowe'en: Twenty-Six

Costume Idea #26: SHARK ATTACK!

I've been toying with the idea of making a cotume of "being eaten by something" - like, "I'm being by eaten alive by rats", "I'm being by eaten alive by a bear", "I'm being by eaten alive by a shark"... It's gorey, it's scary.

Initially, I found this shark attack costume for sale, which is pretty funny. But then I found another take on the costume that knocked my socks off. You must must must go have a look at this phenomenal shark attack costume.

There are more photos here, here, here (close- up) and here (whole costume). Wow.

Or, the easy/last-minute version: get a plastic shark toy, stick it over your hand, and paint your arm red where it's biting you. This version is also adaptable for a salmon attack costume, a trout attack costume and even the terrifying goldfish attack costume.

Lindsay  – (October 26, 2006)  

I can't believe that you went from "be a vampire with a broken plastic fork" to the most intricate, insane shark attack costume ever. No consistency! You're crazy.

Siobhan  – (October 26, 2006)  

Hey, I'm not saying that I'M going to make the super elaborate shark costume... It's all about how much you can commit. Where are you leaning - more sharky or more forky?

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