adorable... but it'll cost ya

Wow. How cute is this fabric? A-dor-a-ble.

But man, is it ever expensive. $18.95 US a yard. Yikes. I guess if you have something really great planned to make with it, that might be ok - maybe - but I usually buy fabric on impulse cause it's cute, inexpensive, and I'm think I can use it for... something.

It's availble at Superbuzzy, and also in "rust" and "natural" colours.

Anonymous –   – (February 02, 2007)  

Oooh, this fabric is cute, thank you for posting!

About the price: $18.95 would make EUR 15.00 - is that too much for 1 yard of fabric? I honestly don't know (I'm not a sewing person), but here in The Netherlands, almost everything you buy in USD is a laugh compared to Dutch prices.

Anonymous –   – (February 02, 2007)  

sia: I may just be showing my bargain-hunting / cheap-skate bias! My favourite place to buy fabric is a remnants fabric store where they sell fabric for as cheap as $1/yard. Of course, they don't have such cute stuff as the purple bird fabric... I think the most I've brought myself to spend on fabric is $14.95/yard, and I justified that as a treat because I was on vacation at the time! :)

What does everyone else think? Is $18.95 US expensive for fabric? How much do you typically spend on fabric?

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