crafty travel report: seattle

I was recently down in Seattle - my first time visiting there, despite having lived in nearby Vancouver for a few years now. I was there for work, but did manage to squeeze in a few crafty happenings.

The first crafty thing that happened was totally random. While working, I spoke with an elderly man who was wearing a tie that I had made into a 'cravat cat' toy! This may not seem such an amazing coincidence, but seeing as it was (A) an old ("vintage") tie that I picked up at a thrift store, (B) had the Oympic rings on it, and (C) was made in Yugoslavia, I figured it was one of a kind. As I was speaking to the man, I couldn't figure out a simple way to explain to him that I'd used his tie to make a cat and isn't that an amazing coincidence - so I didn't say anything about it to him, and just tried to concentrate on what he was saying instead of staring at his tie.

When I got out of work, I headed over to the Bluebottle Art Gallery + Store, which is, in a word, awesome. It's owned by the lovely Andrea Porter and artist Matthew Porter, who also recently published a great ABC book. I treated myself to a ring that says ROBOT on it. Love at first sight! It turns out, was made by another Seattle artist, Fancy.

Another evening after work, I checked out the amazing Seattle public library. If you haven't seen or heard of this building, have a look at this slideshow. The pictures don't even do it justice. Wow.

After that I walked back toward the market (where I did NOT see anyone throwing fish! boo!). On the way I stumbled across the Marimekko store! I didn't even know they had stores in North America. Of course, I went in and looked at the gorgeous bags and fabric. Unfortunately, fabric was $40 US a yard, so I just admired the pretty colours and patterns from a distance.

That's the field report from me, Sleepless Crafty in Seattle.

Anonymous –   – (February 07, 2007)  

Next time you're in Seattle you should check out Ye Olde Curiosity Shop on the pier. Its got tons of really weird bizzarro things!

Anonymous –   – (February 09, 2007)  

i love your cat! and it's so clever how you used the existing parts of the tie to compose the face. i wish i could see the back too, it looks like he's wearing a cape.

Anonymous –   – (February 09, 2007)  

Hey shiso mama - thanks! I have a photo of another tie-cat's bum here. The "cape" is actually his tail - though a cape would be cute!

Alice  – (February 19, 2007)  

Wow--the Seattle library is a design and architecture mastepiece! It must have been so much fun just to walk around a look at the building and interior decorating, let alone the books. I also love the cat cravat--very clever how you placed the olympic rings...I wonder if you can find some more of those and sell them in 2010...clearly they're not as rare as you think they are! :)

Anonymous –   – (February 19, 2007)  

I was just in a store in Calgary this weekend that sells a bunch of Marimekko (fabric and other products). If you're ever in Calgary, look up a place called Kit.

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