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Happy Earth Day! Today's a good time to review your habits and infuse your life with a little more eco-love.

But how? For inspiration, here are a few links for the creatives on your list...

For crafters: Sew Green is a great blog about many aspects of eco-friendly lifestyle including crafting - such as this article on how to knit green.

For designers: Re-nourish is a resource for graphic designers who want to make their practice more sustainable. It provides practical resources (such as information on recycled and tree-free paper options) and inspiration, including a blog about other sustainability blogs. One of the projects recently featured is Plastic Free, a blog by a women who, for the next year (at least), is not buying or accepting any products that contain or are packaged in plastic.

For designers (again!): Lovely as a Tree is a similar project to Re-nourish, based in the UK.

For kids: Meet the Greens teaches kids about environmental matters and what they can do to help. The drawings and animations are also fab.

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