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These days at Magpie and Cake, we are all about takin' care of business. (Is that song now stuck in your head? Sorry about that.)

Yesterday, there was another another story in the Globe and Mail about women entrepreneurs. This time, it's about Lori Kliman and Heather White, who started the Cupcakes stores in Vancouver. If you have not yet had the pleasure of visiting one of the two Cupcakes locations (with a third opening in North Vancouver's Edgemont Village soon!), let me tell you, they are the most pastel, 1950's kitchen, sugary sweet places you will ever encounter - and that is a good thing. Even if you are not a retro or pastel kinda gal (I'm not), they're still amazing places to visit since the design and styling are so spot-on. This goes for the design of the store itself as well as their baked goods - their cupcakes are adorable and their cakes are pretty pretty pretty - a perfect alternative to the traditional white wedding cake. The cupcakes are incredibly sweet, so if you've got a sweet tooth, beware, you may become addicted.

Cupcakes also gives me the warm fuzzies because the Diva cupcake was part of the first gift I received when I moved to Vancouver five years ago (omg, has it been five years??!). The other part of the gift was a lucky bamboo, which has since doubled in size and is still growing strong.

So congrats to Lori and Heather on all their accomplishments. According to the article, they've had to overcome many financing challenges that arose simply because they are women. That kind of story always surprises me in this day and age. However, I do agree with one of the commenters who mentioned that the Globe should have also interviewed men in the same situation to see if the banks asked about their marital status, too, or if it really is a case of the banks not thinking women can tough it on their own, without a man backing them. Hmm. Read the whole story in the Globe.

PS. The girl in the photo here is our own lil' Magpie and Cake cupcake, Linds. Aww... ;)

Lindsay  – (August 27, 2007)  

Hee, it was so strange to load up M&C and see myself! I'm happy to hear the Cupcake women are doing well. I wish I had one right now. I wonder if they'd mail well...?

lapayton  – (August 27, 2007)  

Oh man, I hate those shops. I've stared through the windows many times but they seem to represent the worst of Vancouver's snooty, latte-sipping, tiny-dog carrying culture. I'm interested in reading about what it took two women to get started though. More power to them for being successful in a business I would never have guessed would be sustainable!

Alice  – (August 28, 2007)  

Oooh, those cupcakes were yummy - so yummy that I still remember them from 4 years ago!!! :D

Dliche  – (July 03, 2015)  

The packaging is cute..Yummy cupcakes! <3

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