quit smoking ... and start reading!

I love these book package designs - all very clever indeed.

No Smoking by Luc Sante - a visual history of the culture of smoking.

Tank Books are tagged as "Tales to Take Your Breath Away" (heh) - they're classics shrunk to fit inside cigarette packs.

Last but not least, this one is not really about smoking, so much as burning... Burning Man: Art in the Desert by A. Leo Nash is a glimspe into the legendary Burning Man festival in Nevada. Sadly this year someone set fire to the Burning Man four days early.

How much does the design of a book affect your decision to buy it? Have you ever bought a book because of it had a unique or 'novelty' design? The design of The Game by Neil Strauss tipped the scales for me (from browse to buy) - it was packaged to look like a bible, complete with golden-edged pages and a red ribbon placeholder - but with gold girlie silhouettes on the front - because it was supposed to be about the 'bible' on how to pick up women.

Jo –   – (September 07, 2007)  

I totally know what you mean about The Game... I picked it up too many times, drawn in by the biblical gold leaf, but I never bought it. Was it good? I should go get it...

Siobhan  – (September 10, 2007)  

The Game was interesting -- not the kind of book I'd usually pick up, but it was entertaining. I still believe that the guys are totally wrong in their approach (eg. insult or ignore a girl to make them like you), but I guess it worked for them and the girls they picked up.

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