wintery prints

Are you starting to feel Christmassy yet?

These wintery prints might get you in the holiday spirit...

Winter Woolly by belleandboo

My Favourite Spot in Winter also by belleandboo

Stumps by Ashley Goldberg

Heartbreaker also by Ashley Goldberg

Wild Woman by Katy Horan

She Comes in the Fall by Christopher David Ryan

Kelly Lynn Jones  – (December 03, 2007)  

thanks for putting some prints on blog from little paper planes however i cant take credit for that lovely "wild woman" print, its by Katy Horan. thanks!! kelly

Siobhan –   – (December 05, 2007)  

Thanks, Kelly! I've fixed the post. (Oops!)

Toni –   – (December 06, 2007)  

I love the belleandboo print!!! :)


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