chain reactions

I enjoy a good Rube Goldberg machine. They're defined as a "comically involved, complicated invention, labourously contrived to perform a simple operation." I went to an art gallery this weekend and watched a film that showed a lengthy one, involving a lot of fire. Here are some for you to enjoy:

The now-classic Honda commercial.
HEMA "interactive" website. Put your mouse over the blue cup.
From Japan, the incredible machine and the incredible machine 2, two sets of sequences of "machines" that use this principle.

Anyone know of other ones?

Siobhan  – (November 20, 2007)  

Ha! That Hema site is hilarious. Love it! If only online shopping were really that fun (and precarious!)

Joseph  – (November 20, 2007)  

was it 'the way things go' by fischli and weiss?

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