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The other day, I mentioned a company that prints custom wallpaper. If your needs are more virtual - you have a website to decorate rather than a living room - then there's help for you, too.

London's Victoria & Albert Museum has a fun online game where you can customize your own textile patterns. The choices are all quite grandiose, but if damask and chintz are up your alley (hmm, that'd be a really colourful alley...) then you'll get a kick out of this. (via)

If your tastes are a little more modern, try Colourlovers' pattern maker. This tool is much more flexible, as you have tons of pattern-bases to choose from (contributed by the community on an ongoing basis), and can adjust up to five different colours. You can use the patterns you customize on your desktop, website, profile page, etc, or add it to the Colourlovers' community library. Read more about the tool here or to start playing with it, go here.

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