designer homes and designers' homes

And to talk more about designer homes - or rather designers' homes (thank you, apostrophe) in the sense of "homes that designers live in"...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco posted a look into the utterly lovely home of mutli-talented Jill Pilotte - illustrator, floral designer and small business owner.

I love the colour palette: white, green (mmm, i always love the green!), light and medium wood (yes, I know "wood" is not officially a "colour"), a little charcoal, and some punches of deep orange.

I also love the fuzzy felted plant pot holders she has all over the place!

And most of all, heavens to betsy, that work area. Check out that rainbowdelic selection of threads! And the cute paint detailing on the wall behind that! Way to live, girl.

Go here for more photos.

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