garlic scapes

This summer I'm going to try get something new at the farmer's market every weekend. Last week, I got some Manchego cheese stuffed olives that I didn't like at first... but then after the first three became highly addictive.

This week I bought garlic scapes.

I had no idea what they were - nor even what the word "scape" meant - but the farmer was talking them up, plus they're so darn pretty, I couldn't resist.

So, I found out three things:
1. The word "scape" refers to "flowering stems, usually leafless, rising from the crown or roots of a plant."
2. Garlic scapes sure are garlicky.
3. They are delicious.

I ended up making garlic scape pesto, using a mixture of a recipe from The Washington Post and one from What Geeks Eat (what a great name!).

The results were bright green and delicious. I smeared the garlic scape pesto on a baguette, threw some tomatoes on top and broiled the whole lot to make bruschetta. Mmmm.

Apparently, garlic scapes will only be in season for another week or two, so I better stock up next weekend.

Do you have any garlic scape recipes to share? (Or invent?)

meg  – (July 01, 2008)  

they are lovely sauted like green beans with a little butter. and this ( is pretty tasty too. I used to work on a garlic farm and we would chew on the scapes while we worked for a snack.

travis  – (July 01, 2008)  

After I worked on the garlic farm, I came back to the city where my breath was used to exterminate house pests, and for crowd control.


oonaballoona  – (July 09, 2008)  

i've lurked for awhile... on reading about manchego-stuffed-anything, i had to tell you about manchego-stuffed-peppadews. little red peppers from south africa, tangy with a bit of bite. anyway, interesting that cheese is what brought me ought...
love your blog!

Erin  – (August 09, 2008)  

I love these things!
A popular Korean preperation is to cook them lightly in hot red bean paste (Go Ju Jang) and eat them with rice. I usually like to put a little lick of honey in the bean paste because it complements the garlic well.
i didn't realize other cultures ate the scape as well! very cool

Siobhan  – (August 09, 2008)  

Erin, that sounds delicious! So many good food ideas...

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