how to cook a crafty meal in under 2 minutes

Western Spaghetti is a new (and utterly adorable) stop-motion film made by the fine folks at PES. Rubix cubes, tin foil, rubber bands, post-it notes and candy corns all go into making this delicious meal/movie.

Also check out their other films, most of which also employ household objects and toys. My faves are Game Over (where cupcakes are used in old-school arcade games like Space Invaders, Frogger and Pac-Man), Moth (where a tape dispenser is a frog that eats bulldog-clip moths), and KaBoom! (where war is a mixture of toys, popcorn and circuit boards).

Also be sure to watch the "Making of KaBoom!" video.

"I used yellow gift bows, first and foremost, because they look exactly like real explosions."

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