paper dolls for adults

Be warned: if you answer yes to any of the following, you may soon have a new addiction.

- Did you played dress-up with your dolls as a kid?
- Do you love to play with colour combinations?
- Do you wish your closet (and wallet) were larger?
- Do you like to collage?

Polyvore is essentially virtual dress up for adults. The site lets you mix and match images of clothes, accessories, shoes and more from various stores and sites online - allowing you to create collages of your dream outfits and interiors. It's really easy to use: you can quickly resize images and even search for items by colour.

It's also interesting to see what other colours and items other people are grouping together. And, if you really love an item, you can purchase it from the linked shop.

Here's the collage I made. This is what I'd wear tomorrow if it just happened to be in my closet.

It's my birthday, so I think it's appropriate.

Now head on over to Polyvore and get yourself all gussied up, too.

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