i'm quilting, baby

Any tiiiiiiiiiiime now... I'm going to be an aunt!!!

As I wait for the call, I thought I'd share the results of the first duty I undertook as an aunt: making a baby quilt.

I've made two quilts before: the one I made 12 years ago was pattern-free and all hand-appliqued, based on friends' drawings; the second I made 3 years ago, out of 200 of so cardboard sleeves that I rescued from used disposable coffee cups. This time I decided I should do things "properly" and follow a pattern. I used the "Speedy Baby 2" Quilt from Taffy Talk, which they've made available as a free PDF download. I ended up diverging from the pattern a little, and just figuring out some of the steps along the way by myself. Which, for me, is part of the fun.

The best part was choosing the colour combinations for the quilt - and having a good excuse to buy cute fabric!

Nimble  – (April 10, 2009)  

Doggies! And I love the bright colors.

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