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Google Maps' "Street Views" are finally coming to Canada.

This is exciting. I love the Street View feature. The fact that you can see -- street by street -- another city far away is amazing. It let me see my friend's building in Boston and my brother's home in California before I had a chance to visit.

But there's soooo much more you can do with Street View... When Google came to Pittsburgh last year, a brilliant thing happened: a group of residents decided to create the "first-ever artistic intervention in Google Street View."

Residents imagined a fictional day on Samposia Way, staging all kinds of crazy events for the Google cameras. And it was the best day ever! Using Google Street View, you can visit the street and see the progression of a marching band, a person escaping from a window using a rope made of tied sheets, a band practicing in a garage...

Explore the Street With a View website, which outlines the various scenes that are taking place on the street and videos of how it was done.

rebecca  – (March 29, 2009)  

yay, pittsburgh! I'm pretty sure I know the people who arranged to make this happen.

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